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Carnality Ball 2011 – No Taboo

The Carnality Ball, now in it’s 5th year is an erotic art show created by talented Oklahoma artists Nicole and Jason Moan. This year’s title, No Taboo, was an exotic asian theme held at Club Raw on May 13th. There were plenty of beautiful and creative costumes as well as exciting performances to be seen. The highlight of the first half of the evening was the exhibtion by S.B.S. Suspension. A woman hoisted from the floor by flesh hooks sitting in a lotus position. The entire time she remained in such a deep trance state that she seemed blissful. It was an inspirational blending of an exotic sensuality with the spiritual.

Along with the dancers and models performing on stage there were performance artists, bands and this year a London Taxi ride. There was also a merchant room full of sexy fashions and merchandise. For a higher ticket price there was a VIP lounge area serving a buffet of sushi and refreshments. The ball is usually held in the spring of every year and generally boast an attendance of approximately 1500 people.

To climax the evening there was an enticing fashion show by Nicole Moan spotlighting her amazing ceramic corset fashions. She has made a name internationally with this niche fashion that she claims started as an idea for a personal costume for another well known erotic art show that Oklahoma holds. Years later from the night of that party I feel it has become her own show that is the title holder for the best erotic art show to attend in Oklahoma City.


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2 responses to “Carnality Ball 2011 – No Taboo

  1. Seraphina

    Ah, so there’s the girl hanging from hooks you were talking about. Much cooler than I imagined.

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