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More to Come…..

There are days when ideas seem to never come and the words are few in what to say. Today is not one of those days. I made a commitment to stay consistent with this blog. However, It’s been several days now since I’ve updated. I had intended to blog last night but I was a little busy ducking from tornadoes in my home state of Oklahoma. At one point I was literally circled by tornados either forming or on the ground in less than 50 miles of me in all directions.

I’m glad I waited. In planning for my subject I discovered a treasure chest of material. You could say that it invigorated a passion in me and had me wanting to learn and discover more on my subject matter. I have actually decided that the subject of the next blog post is going to be broken into a series.
For now, just know that I am working hard on the blog and have far from given up on it. I pride myself in doing as much research as I can reasonably afford to on subjects I post about. I want to do this one justice.

Also, just a note on changes. I recently chose to become an affiliate and you will notice that there are occasionally links to Amazon products. My reason for this is simply to have the option of having some kind of monetization to the blog for the time that I intend on putting into the endeavour. Like most people I am stuck in a 9 to 5 job that doesn’t afford me the time to do things I’d like to do and I struggle to pay the bills. A few extra dollars here and there are nice.

My commitment to you is to not flood the blog with annoying and pesky advertisements. I want to keep it a sleek and clean page that is focused on honest reviews and interesting content. I have intentionally avoided Google AdSense for the fact that I feel the ads aren’t likely to be relevant and are often obtrusive and tacky. Any products I link to will be relevant to the subjects in my articles. Thanks for understanding and I’m looking forward to providing new content.


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Music, art, cultural enthusiast. I am breaking into the blogosphere to create interesting content on my many interests.

2 responses to “More to Come…..

  1. the red head ⋅

    I have a question about the Amazon links. I don’t see them yet, but when they appear, is there going to be a link to Amazon in general that will give you a little boost when I buy anything? If so, I will be sure to use it every time I order from Amazon. :o)

    I look forward to your next post!

    • No it’s just very specific products that I have links to on my blog. Many articles will not have any links at all. Right now there is only one under the L.A. Noire article.

      Thanks for reading and I’ll be posting soon. : )

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