Imagine This Person


Imagine this person that you love so much that you would come to their defense with arms flying if someone came to intentionally harm them.

If someone belittled them or caused them any emotional harm you would go on and on about how good you thought this person was.

You would jump in front of a truck to save this person because they mean so much to you.

Imagine there is a person in whom you have seen all their weaknesses since they were a small child, all of the times when they were unaware of what they were doing to make others angry:  the times they broke things; the times they stole from the cookie jar; the times they broke your heart with hurtful words.  You smile and laugh at their silly acts like a mother who knows that the child may be devious and mean but inside is a beautiful soul who wants to do what is right.  You look at their eyes and can’t find it in you to be angry when they pour koolaid on your new rug or say you are mean because you don’t buy them a new toy.

You were there when they tried awkwardly to show their love not knowing exactly how and sometimes scared of rejection and withdrawing.  You knew it was pure all along.  You have had conversations with them throughout the night and had the most intimate late night talks.  You’ve shared triumph and regret under the moonlight.

You watch as they show fear and so retreat from others when they feel a lack of love and personal resource.  You see their fear of loss and how they become selfish and scared of the world and sometimes show their worst sides in defense when they need to be open.  But you know this is not them, this is their fear.  You forgive them for this and see the person full of love inside who you know will return.

You see them when they smoke, drink too much,  overeat, starve themselves,  give themselves to hurtful people who don’t respect them and stand over bridges to jump and all you can do is cry and want to hold them and tell them they can do better.

Imagine that you love this person so much that you would never wish to see anyone including themselves do anything harmful to themselves.  You want to enjoy what light they have even when they can’t see the light themselves.

You are sad when they feel the need to do things that hurt themselves and when they hurt others.  You see it only hurting themselves and driving a wedge between them and their fellow humans.  You know they do not wish to harm anyone and you want them to know that they don’t have to live in fear and anger and bitterness that causes them to react from this pain.

This person sometimes doesn’t have any idea what they mean to you and sometimes feels the world would be better off without them around but you know that theirs is a life that would be forever and heart crushingly missed if it were extinguished.  Imagine how much you would miss them.

Imagine the joy on this person’s face when they express their own joys and passions and the dreams they’ve held since a child.  Imagine all the imaginative and creative things this person does that make you feel alive and inspired and like there is magic on this planet.

Imagine that even on their worst day and no matter how old, fat and gray they become that they will be so beautiful because of the light of everything in them that comes forth and the warmth they bring to your soul with their attempts at kindness and sharing.  Imagine the beauty in their eyes as their fire glows from inside.

NOW imagine this person is YOU