Nervous Spider Confidential is my first adventure into the blogosphere. It is a journal of ideas, events, reviews of books, movies, music, art, video games, events, restaurants and cultural and social topics that I find interesting. I hope to challenge and inform readers and hopefully inspire people to see things from other perspectives. For the most part I intend to be journalistic in tone about broader interests outside of my own life. Of course the advantage of a blog is the right and expectation to be opinionated and personal. I may from time to time post things that are from my own life but will not bore you with personal rants as I do not expect anyone to find most of those things interesting. I may also share short stories and poetry and some of the musical projects of my various bands. But, of utmost importance I will strive to be interesting and respect the readers who invest their time on my blog.

I hope you enjoy!


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